Your product does not matter, unless it meets a real need, period.

Isaac Weinhausen, product designer

Twenty-plus years as a full-stack designer has led me to this focus, at Meta, ClassDojo, Uber, Clubhouse, and more.

In my spare time, you can find me hanging with my kids, practicing barbell movements, reading, dabbling with code, and exploring the southwest 🏜️

ClassDojo mockups


Classroom and school experiences

Brought on as the lead designer in 2018, I helped students fill out their worksheets, students organize events, school leaders go schoolwide with ClassDojo, and more

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Facebook mockups


Facebook Groups

With 1+ billion users and a new company vision, take a peek at how I helped elevate some of the best parts of Facebook to the very top

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Uber mockups



Millions are cars are already on the road every day. What would happen if any driver could pick someone up going the same way? How would that fundamentally change transportation?

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More work

Additional work from Nickel, Amazon, Automatic, and Tact.ia. For a complete list of past companies, click here.

A little about me...

I’m a “full stack” product designer, doing everything from strategy & research to shipping highly polished visual designs. My career in design and tech spans more than 20 years, having done it all, from being hire #1, to shipping product to more than a billion users. Other related pursuits have included design management, front end development, and design instruction.

Currently I live in Phoenix Arizona, where I’ve worked remotely for the last 5 years.


Isaac Weinhausen